Silicon dimmable driver for many dimmer knowledge, must have been familiar, today small make up to introduce EUCHIPS thyristor dimmer power product family, for those who are LED dimming is not familiar with friends, to know silicon control led dimmer system.

SCR is an early mode of dimming, due to its relatively low cost and easy to install, which is the early mainstream dimming mode. Controlled silicon dimming power supply is LED power with dimming function. It is the combination and innovation of dimmer and power function. It can be used to adjust the light of ordinary LED lamp through the controllable silicon dimming power supply.

EUCHIPS is an old brand of LED dimming control in China. It has 11 years of experience in dimming control. The products of the SCR series are very rich, and as the technology continues to be strong, the product performance is already similar to that of the international brands. Silicon controlled dimmer power even if it is just a silicon controlled one of the devices in the family, but it is good or bad, directly related to the effect and the service life of lamps and lanterns that move light of lamps and lanterns, as an important role in LED light.

Now let's take a look at the silicon controlled family products of oches. Which products are involved in the control of thyristor? EUCHIPS currently sold in thyristor series products are: silicon controlled touch panel, silicon controlled dimmer knob, thyristor adjustable light power supply, thyristor dimmer, thyristor power amplifier, SCR controller. You can provide customers with complete solutions and all the products needed to configure them. The oches silicon controlled series family tree is very large and has a large number of members. Of course, it is more than the non-controllable silicon control power supply.

Why is EUCHIPS's controlled silicon dimmer power supply a bright spot in the SCR family line? This is very good explanation, though in LED dimming system, it is with the thyristor series control and other equipment, but because of its strong compatibility, can be the perfect match and other brands of equipment, coupled with the chase of the power supply of high quality and price advantage, to make our SCR dimmer power now is sell well in more than 100 countries or regions in the world!

The application of silicon controlled dimming is also very extensive, hotels, clubs, pavilions, homes... Silicon controlled dimming products can be seen everywhere. They become the props that the lighting designers favor, and use it to give illumination to the art, rendering the charm of the light!