Is MR16 a mystery? No! Implementing MR16 is actually quite simple. After looking at the following, you will find that you can use a silicon controlled dimming power source. For more details, please visit the website
The MR16 is a widely used halogen reflector that is often used instead of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Its application site is also very much, display illume, commercial industrial illume, outdoor illume, indoor illume and so on, have its figure. Today's LED MR16 pursues more functions, and the need for dimming control is increasing. But there are a lot of people wondering about the dimming of MR16. Can MR16 be dimmed? How to achieve the MR16 dimming? What about dimming? ... On the Internet you can see a lot of questions that people throw out. With an example, we can help you answer these questions. Here's how to use a silicon controlled dimmer to ad just the MR16.
Prepare item: MR16 lamp, eux SCR, EUP12T-1W12V-1, thyristor dimmer knob, a number of wires.
To prepare the items is very simple, can choose ordinary MR16 a on market, any brand of thyristor dimmer knob, a key item is a thyristor adjustable light power supply, it to the dimming effect of MR16 has played a decisive role. We have selected a constant-pressure controlled silicon dimmer power supply from our ochos independent development and production. It is 12v output, the power is 12W, the characteristic is the compatibility is strong, the dimming effect is smooth! So it doesn't have any special requirements for the MR16 and SCR.
After everything is ready, the next step is simple. As MR16 connection without negative requirements, make more convenient wiring, we can MR16 through two wire, pick up in the silicon controlled dimmer power of V, V - at both ends, and then in the silicon controlled dimmer power L end raised light switch series, then the 220 V alternating current (ac). After the wiring is completed, we will be able to power the power supply and start the dimming test. Is it very simple?
If your connection is no problem, after electrify, open the knob, you can see MR16 light, rotate the knob, MR16 gradually gets brighter until you reach the bright state, rotating knob back again, the lamp will from a bright state gradually dim, closed until MR16. During the whole process, the transition of the light of MR16 is very smooth through our controllable silicon dimming power supply.
Through the above practical operation, I believe that you have deeply felt how easy it is to realize the dimming control of MR16 by using thyristor dimming power supply. And easy to operate! The euchips Triac Dimmable driver SCR power supply makes MR16 no longer mysterious! Have you got it?