Euchips DALI family series is constantly enriched and innovated to provide customers with more diversified DALI dimming control solutions! Create better lighting control effect. At present, the products of the oches DALI series include DALI master control, DALI bus power supply, DALI dimming power supply, DALI decoder, and master control panel, etc. But we don't stop there. The r&d team of Euchips is always developing, designing and producing products that customers need according to the needs of customers.

A DALI grouping and scene controller, dali-gsc-4, was introduced by Dali-gsc-4 is a versatile device that can be used in conjunction with a common reset switch on the market. The main functions are divided into two parts: grouping control and sub-scene control. Using the dial code switch on the controller can be set to group control or sub-scene control. Scene control is designed to select different scenes. Group control can not only select different light groups, but also control the opening/closing of the lamp group and adjust the brightness of the lamp group. And dali-gsc-4 is multi-master compatible. This means that multiple control modules can be installed in the same DALI system. Meanwhile, dali-gsc-4 was designed to meet the DALI standard protocol IEC 60929(DALI V0) and IEC62386(DALI V1).

Dali-gsc-4 has the following characteristics:

1. Group control and scene control are flexible and optional

With the red dial switch 5 ON the controller, the mode can be selected, and OFF represents the grouping, and ON represents the scene.

2. Compact structure, easy to match with the panel installation

The product size is 46*44*14mm, which is conveniently installed in the electrical box.

3. Set the sequence number of the starting scene or group with the dial code switch

4. Scene intelligent control. In the DALI system, you can call different scenarios within four groups according to requirements

5. Energy-saving adjustment of light source. In DALI system, different light groups can be turned on/off or brightness adjustment according to the actual application situation to achieve the purpose of energy saving

6. Compatible with multi-master control. In the same DALI system, you can install multiple control modules as needed

The Dali controller Manufacturer launch of this new product further enriches the oches DALI lighting control series products and provides customers with new solutions! Its application, through the reset switch can be realized, group control and scene control, very simple, economical, and convenient, energy saving!