The led dimming control system and the optical drive series products of Euchips in Shanghai have been applied in the past 11 years, and many of them belong to the hotel. Euchips is also an extremely rich range of products, and the applications of the series have been added, and there are more than 300 applications in five-star hotels. Now, let's just start with a series of controllable silicon dimmers, and imagine what would happen if the five star hotel encountered a silicon controlled dimmer power supply.
In the hotel project, the controlled silicon dimmer system, thyristor dimmer power supply and other equipment products can realize local or overall lighting control. With a few examples, we will look at the effect of the silicon controlled dimming power supply for the hotel.
The application of thyristor dimming power supply to the four seasons hotel in Beijing yansha bridge. Beijing four seasons hotel is a four seasons hotel worldwide luxury hotel chain group branches, the four seasons hotel (four seasons) is a worldwide luxury hotel chain, management of hotels and resorts around the world. The four seasons hotel is rated as one of the best hotel groups in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine and Zagat guide, and has been rated as AAA 5 diamond. Beijing four seasons hotel has advanced lighting control system and stage devices, lighting system adopted Euchips two constant voltage thyristor dimmer power DIM107H - 24, DIM108H - 24, can be a very good move light effect. Secondly, due to the compatibility of the thyristor controlled optical drive of Euchips, it can be used with other equipment of other manufacturers to complete the system control.
The application of thyristor dimming power supply in vientiane holiday inn in shijiazhuang. Shijiazhuang vientiane holiday inn is a business hotel managed by intercontinental hotels group (IHG), the world's largest international hotel management group. The appearance design is extremely high tension, fashionable and contracted, permeate the intense contemporary feeling, can be called the landmark building of shijiazhuang. The lighting control of the hotel USES the Euchips100W controllable silicon dimming power dim107h-12, so that the hotel lighting can be very close and attentive and entertainment.
The application of thyristor dimming power supply to Hilton in wenchang, hainan. Hainan is full of green, cool breezes, summer heat, warm spring, fresh air, known as "natural oxygen bar". Hainan Hilton is located in longlou town, wenchang city, hainan province. The lighting control of the hotel USES the Euchips controlled silicon dimmer power supply to match bunge's controllable silicon dimmer system. The main applications of Euchips are dim108h-12, dim107h-12, dim106h-12, eup75t-1h12v-1, eup150t-1h12v-1. The perfect lighting control makes hainan more beautiful at night. In the hotel, the light makes you in it, the thyristor dimming power supply is like a light mission. It is the light that takes you into the warm harbor after enjoying the beautiful scenery, it is the warmth that makes you stop when you are tired. LED dimmers Manufacturer For more, visit