Analog dimming
Analog dimming requires a 1-10v dimming switch to be configured during installation, and a set of 1-10v dimming signal lines to the LED luminaire drive interior for dimming.
Although the dimming effect is ideal, it is troublesome to install the wiring, which is the reason why its biggest defect can not be widely promoted. LED dimmers Manufacturer
PWM dimming
Can also be referred to as digital dimming, it may make the wireless network by way of digital programming for 0-100%, in the form of light, the light effect is very good, the overall cost is higher, you can choose to get a higher intelligence occasions to use.
Since currently installed fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp of the great number of them is remarkable, assume that the actual usage of 1 billion branch of the China's fluorescent lamp (mostly installed in the office, shopping malls, factories). It is assumed that the average power of each day is 4 hours, and the average power is 25W(1.2m T8 fluorescent lamp has a rated power of 36W, and the power consumption is over 40W). However, the actual power of domestic fluorescent lamps is low, so it is assumed to be 25W. The power consumption is 0.1 degree every day and 36.5 degrees of electricity consumption is consumed every year. Save 30 degrees for the holidays. One billion is 30 billion. If you replace it with an LED, you can save at least half the energy, which is 15 billion. The automatic dimming can save at least 10 percent more energy, that's 1.5 billion degrees. By 0.7 yuan per kilowatt-hour, it would save 1.05 billion yuan.
That's a very respectable number! This figure does not include energy-saving lights and incandescent bulbs that are about to be replaced by leds. Therefore, it is the key direction of LED lighting to develop energy-saving self-adjusting light.