The stepless luminaire is relative to conventional monochromatic lamps and segmented lamps.
1. Life
Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps have obvious advantages in life, but the life of LED lamps is often dependent on the life of LED power supply. Power supply is the bottleneck of 0-10V led Dimmer life. Mainly electronic components have different life spans. But it's a lot more than traditional lamps. The life of a lamp depends on the design of the power supply, the production process and so on. This point of sale says life is not long, that is sales unprofessional.
2. User experience
There is a good experience for the LED lamps with no stage dimming and toning, which can adjust the brightness and color temperature according to different needs. For example winter can choose warm light, summer can choose cold light, before going to sleep can dim light, study or clean can turn the light to the brightest and so on.
3. Price
The LED lamps with no stage dimming and toning are more expensive than general lamps, because the cost is high, and the remote control or aPP should be added.
Overall, with the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards and the competition between manufacturers, there will be better and better LED lamps with no level dimming and toning.