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DMX constant current LED decoders are PWM constant current output, working with DMX control system and applying to kinds of LED downlamps, tracklamps, ceilinglamps and constant current sources. 12-48VDC input.Setting output currents andother parameters by Nixie tubes and DIP switches.Can be driverd by dmx controller of Lutron, Dynalite, Clipsal, LDS, Osram,Tridonic, Philips, ABB, Schneider, Levition, JUNG, Berker, Be Lichtregler etc. Their output is constant current of 350mA,500mA and 700mA. They are 1 channel,2 channels, 3 channels. The keywords:LED DMX CONTROLLER,RGB LED CONTROLLER, RGBW CONTROLLER, DMX CONTROLLER,DMX512 CONTROLLER, DMX512 DECODER,DMX 512 DIMMER,DMX LIGHT CONTROLLER,DMX LIGHTING CONTROLLER,DMX RGB CONTROLLER,DMX RGBW CONTROLLER,RGB CONTROLLER,DMX CONVERTOR,DMX DIMMER,DMX RGB DIMMER,RGBW DIMMER.