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DMX Series

DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard protocol for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.It was originally invented by USITT. Compared with traditional analog dimming system,digital lighting system,which is based on DMX512 control protocol, can offer powerful control functions for large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor LED lighting system.Control the LED via DMX signal change.Master via DMX signal coding, control Can achieve the control mode of of RGBW the full-color.Products including:LED DMX CONTROLLER,RGB LED DMX(DMX RGB),DMX 512 CONTROLLER(DMX 512 LED),DMX LIGHT CONTROLLER(DMX LIGHTING CONTROLLER),RGB DMX CONTROLLER.DMX CONVERTER.

DMX Series
       DMX Master Controller Series
       Constant Voltage DMX Decoder Series
       Constant Current DMX Decoder Series
       RDM Master Controller Series
       Constant Voltage DMX Drivers
       DMX Splitter Series
  • 12-24VDC DMX Splitter

    - Item: DMX102
    - Input: 12VDC/AC
    - Output: 2 Channels
    - Interface: RS485
    - Size:151*90*40
    - G.W.(g):500
  • 12-24VDC DMX Splitter

    - Item: DMX102W
    - Input: 12-24V DC
    - Output: 2channel
    - Interface: RS485
    - Size:200*31*21
    - G.W.(g):200
  • 12-24VDC DMX Splitter

    - Item:DMX103
    - Input Voltage:12-24VDC
    - Input Channel:1
    - G.W.:220g
    - Size:123*59*23.5mm
       WIFI DMX