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Microwave Motion Sensors

Microwave Motion Sensor
Microwave Motion Sensors
       ON/OFF Control
       1-10V dimming Motion Sensor
       Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Driver
       Other Sensors
  • 1-10VDC 50mA Daylight Sensor

    - Item: EUS01
    - Operating voltage: 1-10Vdc
    - Max. current sink: 50mA (Maximum rating)
    - Dimming range: 1%-100%
    - Color coding of cable: Red +, Black
    - Cable length: 80cm
    - Detection angle: 90°
    - Operating temperature: 0℃~45℃
    - IP rating: IP20
  • [out of stock]12VDC dry contact motion detector

    - Model: EUC016D
    - Operating voltage: 12Vdc (Can be customized)
    - HF system: 5.8GHz±75MHz, ISM wave band
    - Transmitting power: <0.5mW
    - Power consumption: ≤0.5W(standby), <1W(operation)
    - Detection zone: Max.(D x H):16mx6m