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Still A Long Way to Go led


Still A Long Way to Go led 2013-07-15

Intelligent lighting industry has developed very slowly since entering the Chinese market in the 1990s. The limitations include the consumer awareness, the market environment, prices and other factors. One remarkable advantages of led dmx decoder is that they are energy efficient. Additionally they are able to create feasible lighting effects through intelligent control. "The features of LED light determine that it will be designed more be more intelligent," said Dr. Xu Chen, the deputy director of the National Institute of Standardization in Guangdong, China.  

In recent years, many well known international manufacturers have begun to focus on the field of intelligent control involving sensing, communications and multimedia. Philips has been working with Bayer to launch the eco-business building plan earlier in 2011. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, the program provides comprehensive services and material solutions for the construction industry decision-makers. Last year, Osram acquired Encelium, a technology corporation specializing in lighting control software for commercial buildings. Although some domestic companies have introduced intelligent lighting products, most of them only focus on the control of color and brightness.

In fact, the concept of intelligent lighting means much more than that. According to Xu Chen, there are mainly two concepts of intelligent lighting. The first concept is about changing the light through the sensor, which allows the light to adapt to people. The second one consider light as the transmission medium. Intelligent lighting involves a variety of modern technology including communications, sensing and cloud computing. Intelligent lighting products currently available  on the market are actually lowly intelligent. At the same time, there is only a little demand of LED intelligent lighting in the domestic market. GLII research data shows that the market share of intelligent LED lighting is less than 2%. Most products are used for landscape lighting.  adjustable color temperature LED street surveillance aspects. "At present, domestic manufacturers only focus on the control of color and brightness. There are few manufacturers that can offer systematic LED intelligent lighting. Long admitted that most domestic manufacturers are shortsighted while international manufacturers pay more attention to the long term development of the industry as well as sustainable development.

Energy efficient products like intelligent DMX LED decoder and intelligent spotlights are very popular in China.  In this regard, some experts think that intellectualization is an inevitable trend of development. The fact is that some so called intelligent lights are expensive even though they are actually lowly intelligent. GLII data shows that the production cost of an intelligent LED lamp is less than 5 yuan, but the price is higher than regular lamp by20% or 30%. There is still a long way to go to optimize the intelligent lighting market.