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Whata€?S Development Trend of the International Regulations and Standards of the LED Lighting


Whata€?S Development Trend of the International Regulations and Standards of the LED Lighting 2013-11-08
1.the formulation of the performance and the test method standards of the LED lighting has increasingly paid attention. The international standards of the Lighting products is developing as the development of light sources, new optical properties of the LED (such as color saturation shade combinations) and CIE (Commission Internationale de lEclairage), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard current sources vary greatly. As LED has distinct spatial emission characteristics over the traditional lighting, so that the traditional measurement methods that is suitable for the original optical properties may not be applicable for LED, such as luminous flux, luminous intensity and color measurement, otherwise the measurement precision and accuracy the LED will face great difficulties. With the development of high-power white LED technology, functional lighting, etc. need to use power in kilowatts level, there is a clear distinction between the LED light and the general lighting in the optical and mechanical structures and other performance indicators, so the photoelectric properties and color degree characteristics, safety, product reliability and other requirements of high-power LED are more stringent consistency. But the LED photovoltaic and thermal characteristics is greatly different from those of the traditional light sources, so that the existing methods of measurement for the LED light source can not be fully applied to traditional measurement methods, so the LED lighting controllers of the standards of the performance indicators and thermal indicators is particularly important. U.S. also introduced a number of test specifications of the luminosity, electrical and color of the LED lighting and launched the Energy Star program of the solid-state lighting in the field of the energy efficiency. Japan has also released the first testing methods of the white LED. China also carried out the research on accelerating life test method LED, the testing methods of the LED modules and components 2.the formulation of standards of energy efficiency and the performance of the LED light is increasingly focused Because the electricity of the global lighting accounts for 20% of total electricity consumption of the year, which has up to 90% of the energy is converted into heat energy to be consumed, as far as the energy saving is concerned, LED lighting has quickly become the technical and industrial that is widely concerned. Meanwhile, the countries are also actively developing environmental regulations, EU, U.S., China, Australia have developed a succession plan to phase out incandescent. Therefore, the energy efficiency of the LED lighting has become the key issues that need to be considered in the process of. its standard-setting For the LED lighting products that havena€?t developed for a long time, especially the performance standards and energy efficiency standards that have not been concerned and required in the standardization of domestic and international traditional lamps, there is a huge difference between the LED lighting and traditional lighting, a variety of technical performance indicators and parameter of the LED lamps has not been effectively verified, making the development of performance standards and energy efficiency standards become a new and complex issue. Currently a number of countries including the European Union, Mexico has established a pair of mandatory energy efficiency requirements of the LED lighting products, the U.S. Energy Star program is made of various types of LED lighting requirements in detail, and gives specific flux and chroma testing methods. China Quality Certification Center has also developed the nergy-saving certification program of the LED road / tunnel lighting products, LED downlamp, reflective self-ballasted LED lamps and other. 3 LED lamps began to attach importance to the development of standards LED lighting is meant to complete lighting that is include that LED-based light-emitting element and a matching drives and light parts, fixing and protecting the light emitting components and aided the appliance that is connected to the branch circuit components. Conventional light sources are generally single light, and LED light used for the LED lamps is composed of a plurality of light and luminous, the light color of the LED lamps is difference, so we need to use the uniformity of color space to LED amplifier the spatial color distribution of the LED lamps. The measurement and evaluation of the performance and life of the traditional lights have been standardized, and interchangeable. the life of the Traditional lamp can meet the requirements by replacing the light source. The LED light source and lighting are attached, the life of the LED lamp is related to the LED light source the drive and the environment and many other factors. So IEC has already started the development work of standards of the LED lamps. Meanwhile,there are a large number of manufacturers specializing in developing and producing LED light, lead lighting is one of them,Lead lighting has been continuing to strengthen the use of certified raw materials such as LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks, shell, etc., and improve R & D and production team, striving to adopt the best materials and technology to produce best quality LED flood light, LED tunnel light, LED tube light and other indoor and outdoor lighting, using highly integrated high-brightness COB as the light source of the LED Flood light and LED tunnel light and other outdoor lighting,adopting high brightness SMD LED as the light source of the LED tube light, the low-voltage constant current driver ensure the alternating current can be convert into direct current so that improve the energy use and reduces the stroboscopic effect stimulating the human eye, fully guarantee octahedron illuminated area of LED flood lights and bright light to adapt to outdoor open environment,the soft and bright light of the LED tunnel light and LED tube light makes us safe driving in tunnels and enjoy work and study.As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory,the lead lighting can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets.