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An Introduction to Colour Changing RGB LED Tape


An Introduction to Colour Changing RGB LED Tape 2014-02-21

Colour Changing RGB LED Tape gives you the opportunity to create colourful, changeable ambience, all at the touch of a button. It shares many of the same characteristics as its single colour counterpart, including complete flexibility of design, bespoke cutting options and a 3m self adhesive backing. However, there are some notable differences which make it a fully-interactive lighting experience. 

First, there are the LED chips themselves. Unlike the LED chips on single colour strip lights, which are only capable of recreating a single colour, colour changing tape features intelligent RGB LED Chips, which are able to recreate a wide palette of colours. 

The reason for this is that each of the RGB LED chips is not actually a single chip, but rather three chips combined into one. The letters "RGB" stand for Red, Green and Blue, and refers to the three primary colours that the LED amplifier at their source. By producing these three colours in differing quantites they are able to replicate a much larger spectrum of colour. 

The colour produced by each LED is controlled by signals which are communicated to each of the three internal LEDs, via the three (red, green, and blue) signal wires on the four core cable used by colour changing LED Tape. These signals originate from an LED controller, which is in turn controlled remotely, either through an infra red sensor or radio frequencies. The controller is an additional unit which is installed between the LED driver and strip light. 

Programming the LED Tape is fairly straightforward and is usually achieved via a remote control supplied with theLED lighting controllers. As well as a range of static colour options, RGB tape is also capable of dynamic modes with variable speeds and brightnesses. 

If you are using an exceptionally large installation you may require the addition of an LED amplifier. These are designed to boost the signal to the LED Strip Lights by renewing the amplitude of the electrical current and should be installed wherever necessary. 

RGB LED Tapes are currently used in Lacoste stores all across the UK where they add a wash of colour to the upper walls and ceilings. The effect they produce is incredibly stylish and acts as a positive showcase for this versatile and energy efficient technology.