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Atr401 PID Temperature Controllers From Ucontrol Australia


Atr401 PID Temperature Controllers From Ucontrol Australia 2014-05-28
Ucontrol is definitely an Australian distributor of Pixsys PID temperature controllers as well as other automation instrumentation. Probably the most capable PID temperature controller from the range may be the

ATR401. It may accept thermocouple type K, J, R, S, N, T, RTD sensors NI100, PT100 & PT1000, mV, V, mA, 0-6K and 0-150K potentiometers. The ATR401 has 2 universal configurable

inputs and mathematical functions like (A B)/2 (A B) (A-B) are possible along with remote setpoint input. The electricity supply for this unit is far reaching 24-240VAC/DC. It

can be configured with Labsoftview free configuration software and the battery powered storage device MEMC. You'll find 4 models from the range, they are; -12 which has a single

digital input, 2 relays and a single SSR output. The -13 has a digital input, 3 relays plus a single SSR output. -14 has a digital input, 4 relays and SSR output & -12ABC-T has

4-20mA or 0-10V output, Modbus RTU serial communications, 2 relays, 1 SSR but no digital input, and so the ATR401 PIDtemperaturecontroller can meet a wide variety of applications.

The controller main control output is configurable regardless of the model no ., limited only through the hardware available. All part numbers can offer open loop servo valve

drive control, time proportional control, on/off control for single relay or logic output for SSR.

You'll find advanced functions for example automatic or manual control with bumpless transfer via front keypad, digital input or Modbus command. Multiple alarm strategies including

absolute high/low, deviation high/low, setpoint alarms with off or on delay timers.

Like all the household of Pixsys controllers the MEMC memory function is fairly unique and allows the user to insert the MEMC and quickly copy the build parameters onto

the credit card. Then the card might be inserted into another ATR401 PIDtemperaturecontroller without dependence on power, press the button for 3 seconds when the light turns green set up is

complete. Within seconds error free complete configuration.

The ATR401 carries the standard theme of programming, an individual report on English abbreviated prompts hidden behind a default passcode. Your order is similar whatever the

model number, when the function or hardware is not present, the prompt is omitted.

This extremely effective PID temperaturecontrollerstill falls within a budget asking price, despite have options that come with vastly dearer alternatives from other manufacturers.

This very reliable, high quality selection of instruments is made & produced in Europe into circuit board level. Extensive exams are performed on each instrument prior

to leaving the factory. This, in conjunction with the sleek design make the ATR401 PIDtemperature controlleran attractive prospect for any low to mid level temperature control


Ucontrol Australia can be a specialist in PIDtemperaturecontrolapplications, more resources for the ATR401 PID temperature controller, go to our website of UControl.