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Latest kind of intelligent DMX lighting controller depending on LPC2104


Latest kind of intelligent DMX lighting controller depending on LPC2104 2014-06-13
Together with the improvement of the quality of people's lives, lights is not alone a basic interior lighting tool, and is also a practical architectural art, in the event the family members have many lamps after them carefully mix together to achieve the atmosphere effect is the most appropriate good quality of life needs, the actual lighting control mainly manual forms, individually controlled each of the lights, so not only cumbersome and inefficient, isn't going to comply with the grade of modern comfortable life.

Thus, you can easily design a led pwm dimmer, along with providing the mixture of scenes intelligent lighting systems as well as other functions not only has practical value, but in addition incorporates a broad market prospect.

Design a brilliant DMX lighting controller, set up on your residences' various rooms, wireless remote control, touch lighting control, the mixture of scenes, preset memory as well as other rich features. By hand-held remote to control all of the lights inside; from the scene is defined within the handheld remote control buttons to easily and quickly switch setting lighting scenes, you can control the touch of your mouse around the front panel in the switch and the brightness with the light, or more light entering a preset scenes, each DMX lighting controller via RS485 bus terminal communication with families Ethernet networks to attain handy remote control of lighting levels and queries.

The intelligent lighting control method is put into receiving external control signals and perform control operations by 50 percent parts, in order to have the control signal, the device need to have a radio receiver function and key input panel, in order to perform lighting control, must design 220V dimming control circuit.

PHILIPS LPC2104 is for embedded applications; the company provides cost-effective micro- controller solution. It uses ARM's 16-bit / 32-bit RISC architecture, the kernel is ARM7TDMI-S, CPU operating frequency approximately 60MHz, the on-chip integration: with ISP and IAP capabilities 128KB Flash program memory, 16KB static RAM, 2??aUART, 1??aI2C serial interface, an SPI serial interface, up to six output PWM, 2 timers, each with 4 capture / compare channel, real-time clock and watchdog timer, etc., Could be widely used peripherals seamless connectivity, powerful, this paper LPC2104 because the core, the style of simple structure, stable performance, intelligent DMX lighting controller.

The original methods are used dimming phase trigger thyristor, thyristor conduction angle control to regulate the output power, not just the synchronous detection circuit complexity, but in addition from the thyristor will instantly generate high harmonic interference, creating the grid voltage waveform distortion, affecting other electrical equipment and communication systems to function properly, it uses zero trigger thyristor turn-off time together with the ratio to adjust the Constant Voltage Decoder, because zero trigger will not customize the voltage waveform and simply alter the voltage full wave passed times, will not cause pollution around the grid, therefore the system uses the zero-crossing trigger.