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Bticino Intelligent Home Lighting Control Solutions Platform


Bticino Intelligent Home Lighting Control Solutions Platform 2014-06-25
The work is three-tier structure of McMansions, the facial skin from the bustling city, proximity to beautiful mountains, architecture and ornamental elegance luxury positioning. Entire villa there are additional than 160 street lamps, curtains and most 70 a lot more than 20 fan exhaust fan, the unit for example the lighting, electric curtains, climate monitoring, safety, music, video intercom and air-con control and plenty of other a method, the control point and multi-wide distribution, folks who suffer traditional control method, the cp will likely be numerous, complex and cumbersome operation, quality lifestyle and ornamental appearance may no doubt be reduced. Project needs analysis The actual situation of integrated villa, pet owners expressed the advantages of employing a number of simple, powerful, simple and easy generous of intelligent Xitong to Jinxing control shifting the bulk of control concentrated in a amount of the controller and using different 12V DMX signal amplifier10.16, and make up a Shushi, safety, convenience, economical, environmental protection, living environment. This example by using an intelligent lighting system are described in more detail: Entire house at all times . over 160 street lamps, the volume of different lighting in various regions, not the same species, hoping intelligent lighting system for making things simple, to attain different control effects, give full play on the comfort and superior villa, the security, energy conservation and environmental protection concepts through the entire design. Considering the villa's private area and public portion of the different needs, depending on personal habits to human design, public areas and personal space, lighting control to try and do different processing to optimize the control to accomplish not merely target the integrity of control, control judging by the final results could be individually controlled, and control interface must be simple to understand, easy operation, convenient and arbitrary real. Meanwhile, for that villa owner's taste preferences, product appearance towards the whole home decorated with all the blend, highlight elegant luxury. System features and advantages Decoration for that villa style luxury noble and intelligent power over the demand, put together with Bticino intelligent home control system to manage just how convenient, flexible, easy to modify, simple to operate, low maintenance, intelligent home control system with Bticino Axolute luxury series, intelligent lighting control solution; System uses digital bus design, using 2 core twisted pair, each of the equipment with the 2-core twisted pair or group of star-shaped structure so as to connect, connection, regardless of polarity, wiring is simple, convenient, great saves installation time, reduce installation error, reducing construction costs and post-maintenance; use 27VDC reduced voltage power, safe and reliable, no electromagnetic radiation; Signal transmission rate is high, anti-interference ability, high reliability, range up to 5 km, after extended over longer distances, 2 core twisted pair can simultaneously transmit power signals, control signals, audio signals and video signals, and enables multi-channel transmission without disturbing the other person; All controllers should change locations, change, modify the control of the strain object, without needing to modify the cable, and may automatically correct settings to operate for the best state, energy conservation, efficiency; All actuators use a modular design, standard 35mm rail mounting, installing small size, is usually placed in the lighting box, special box without customization, specifically the tiny installation space environment villa; System stability, compatibility and expandability, all machines are utilizing the same protocol to email the signal, some of the devices perform independently run, failure without having affected other devices, rich external communication interfaces such as: RS232, USB, IP interface; System may without notice through USB, COM interface and IP interface to upgrade, usually do not customize the operation from the system. Inside the control, a bigger range of control, dimming lights besides other non-dimming light control, load power strong. May point to point control, scene control, handy remote control, sensor control, touchscreen display control center, remote network, phone, PDA and also other control methods, with the area control, group control, total control, timing, delay, conditional etc. function; Simple appearance of fine products, numerous colors and materials optional luxury panel, and stylish mixture of indoor space, totally natural; Into the villa, Huang Ru in the magnificent dream, touch the touch controller activate the "Welcome" scene, the living room's gently ringing, light from your dark light up automatically adjusted to 80%, gently open the curtains, temperature control towards the set temperature, which is intelligent lighting systems Scene Control. Advanced technology and life here was the ideal blend of totally appreciate technology brings comfortable, safe, convenient, energy saving, environmental protection and enjoyment. The work system and series star-shaped device with two connections, all devices connected with the 2-core twisted pair, the machine structure diagram can be as follows: Point control: The intelligent digital controller, the controller in the key management of a road lighting, lighting can be carried out about the opening alone, reversed light for 0-100% dimming, Constant Current dali dimmer decoder turn right-dark to light, Nearby the lighting slowly dimmed to lessen the stimulation from the eyes, especially ideal for older people and kids room, room use, but additionally increased the comfort of home. Multiple controllers could be set to control exactly the same to achieve dual control feature lighting, panel intuitive, easy to operate. Controller with the family area wall to be a key individual switch room chandelier, bedroom wall entrance and bedside lamps with the exact same controller, with dual-control function.