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WiFi-203 Smart Light System


WiFi-203 Smart Light System 2014-09-04

 Welcome to use our company’s product WiFi-203, it’s a smart lighting control system. The system mainly includes mobile APP application software, WIFI-203 gateway and our 2.4GHZ RGB color temperature adjustable bulb, 2.4G RGB bulb light, 2.4GHZ RGB receiver controller, and other lighting products related to 2.4GHZ. Through the control system, you can use Apple IOS or Android APP applications to remote wireless control your lightings, the LED lighting is more intelligent, network and humanized.WIFI-203

WIFI-203 supports two types of network connections, there are direct and routers connection:

Using direct connection: Smart phone or table can directly control WIFI-203 gateway by WIFI. Without going through a wireless router.

Using router connection (STA mode): The gateway is connected to a wireless router, the smart phone or table also connected to the router, Mobile phones can be normal access to the Internet, can also realize the wireless control of lamps, can support multiple WIFI gateways.

In addition to the mobile phone APP software control, you can also use our 2.4 G remote control to control, providing more choices. 

Instructions for use

1. Free from Apple's APP store downloading and installing. Software name is Eucolor203;

2.WiFi-203 gateway uses Micro USB port as a power supply input port, you can use DC5V 500mA  power adapter for power supply ;

3. Long press WIFI-203 gateway "RST" button for 5 seconds until the “signal” light flashing, gateway restored to factory settings the product, back to "direct" mode.( If it is the new product, don't need to operate the steps) ;

 4. Enter the apple phones or PAD interface, start searching WLAN equipment, then connecting "WIFI203_xxxxx ” ;

5.  After the connection is established, click Eucolor203 software into the software interface.

Can see the connection equipment has been connected in the device list. Click on the upper right corner of the search button to search for a new gateway device, the default name for “WIFI203_xxxxx”, you can through the "information" after enter the gateway interface custom name, easy to manage multiple gateway device.