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LED Street Lights Save More Energy in Lighting Industry


LED Street Lights Save More Energy in Lighting Industry 2014-09-19
Now led lights enjoy great popularity in people's daily life. Therefore, led lights are applied into various occasions and various kinds of led lights come into being. Now I would like to focus on the application and advantages of led street lights.
Traditional street lighting emits light in an all round way, and some of the light is wasted since only the vehicular and pedestrian roads need such light. Led street lighting greatly saves energy since light could be evenly and centrally projected onto the road. Surface reflector collection could be used in making the light to go in the desired direction.
Street lights are more easily to be broken; therefore it is crucial to make sure that the street lights allocated are of good quality. If a led light works 12 hours a day, it could work for 10 years under most circumstances. Therefore we conclude that led street lights can be used and maintained for relatively a long time.
It has already been acknowledged that led street lights are environmentally clean, just like other kinds of led lights. High pressure sodium lamps and other traditional lamps contain mercury and other hazardous substances. After the light becomes waste, serious pollution to the water source and environment is caused. European Union poses high standard on the use of street lights in terms of environmental protection. Led lights could meet the standard proposed by EU. In addition, led waste can be recycled, so that no pollution would be generated to the environment.
We say led street lights are environmentally clean, not only in that they pose no pollution to environment, but also in that they consume less energy than traditional lights. Compared with traditional lights, led street lights could save as much as 60 percent of the electric power. Therefore much energy could be saved by making use of led street lights.
Led street lights emit gentle light, which is fancied by many drivers. Most drivers may feel so dizzy in front of sparkling light. The gentle light of led street lights is protective to drivers' eyes. Traditional street lights such as high pressure sodium lamps emit sparkling light which are not good to our eyes.
Though led street lights enjoy great popularity now and they enjoy great potential in lighting industry, we could not say that they have already replaced the use of traditional lights such as high pressure sodium lamps.