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DALI Drivers 75W, 150W, Compatible Smooth Dimming


DALI Drivers 75W, 150W, Compatible Smooth Dimming 2017-08-04

DALI dimming is one of classical digital dimming. DALI is an open international, professional lighting control protocol. Euchips, an early of DALI group, specialized in the research and development of DALI dimming products in which you can see DALI driver is outstanding. Today, let’s share two types of DALI drivers.

DALI drivers 75W, 150W, Constant Voltage

1. DALI Standard

As a DALI group member, Euchips’ DALI drivers comply with DALI standard IEC623286 and are compatible with many popular major control systems.

DALI Standard

2. Reliability: Comprehensive Protections

The DALI drivers use software and hardware protections, more secure.

The DALI drivers support over voltage, short circuit and over load protections, which effectively increase the service life of LED drivers and LED lights.

The DALI drivers add end cover protection to avoid electronic shock.

Reliability: Comprehensive Protections

3. Touch-Dim Dimming

Touch-dim dimming perfectly makes the common panel switch as a simple controller which matches with DALI drivers to realize lighting brightness dimming. Is it very easy for you to control your lighting? In addition, you can realize 1-100% brightness dimming range.

Touch-Dim Dimming

4. Compatible, Smooth Dimming, Flicker-free

The DALI drivers support smooth dimming curve, of course, you can customize the dimming curves according to your requirements.

The DALI drives have built-in MCU. The software can set 65536 steps of dimming.

Compatible, Smooth Dimming, Flicker-free

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