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Euchips Class: DMX512


Euchips Class: DMX512 2017-09-28

Hi, friends, long time no see!

Euchips Class is back.

We have ever talked about 3 types of dimming modes- DALI, 0-10V, Triac.

Now let’s talk about a significant dimming mode in cities - DMX.

Maybe DMX dimming leaving the first impression for you is the full-color lighting.

Technically, DMX is an abbreviation for DMX512-A, the ESTA (Entertainment Services Technology Association) Standard for controlling lighting equipment and related accessories. 

A wide variety of lighting control consoles, controllers and other devices that output DMX signals can be used to connect to an even greater variety of lighting fixtures and accessories that can be controlled by DMX.  DMX controlled lighting systems are used in many professional settings, including concert lighting, stage lighting, studio lighting, theme park attractions, and much more.

In recent years, the DMX standard is being used more frequently in Architectural lighting projects, including illumination of building exteriors, accent lighting, general purpose building management and high-end residential lighting.  This is due primarily to the high popularity of LED based lighting fixtures, which are frequently controlled via DMX signals.

DMX512 network employs a multi-drop bus topology with nodes strung together in what is commonly called a daisy chain. A network consists of a single DMX512 controller – which is the master of the network — and one or more slave devices. For example, a lighting console is frequently employed as the controller for a network of slave devices such as dimmers, fog machines and intelligent lights.

Each slave device has a DMX512 "IN" connector and usually an "OUT" (or "THRU") connector as well. The controller, which has only an OUT connector, is connected via a DMX512 cable to the IN connector of the first slave. A second cable then links the OUT or THRU connector of the first slave to the IN connector of the next slave in the chain, and so on. For example, the block diagram below shows a simple network consisting of a controller and three slaves.

You may think it is so complicated. But in conclusion, a DMX512 system includes three parts - DMX controller, DMX decoder, DMX driver.

Euchips DMX512 master system is widely used for LED full-color control in architectures, which is very easy to modify the lighting effects and realize R,G,B,W 255 levels full-color dimming.  

DMX512 Applications

1.Mall Lighting

Euchips Project : Coach, Hong Kong

2.Landscape Lighting & Entertainment Lighting

Euchips Project : Zhuhai International Ocean Resort

3.Stage Lighting

Compared with traditional analogy dimming system, DMX control system has strong control function for unique and perfect lighting effects.