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Dali dimmer Dimmer 12V manufacturer


Dali dimmer Dimmer 12V manufacturer 2017-10-11
DALI is a special protocol for lighting control. DALI system can be made up of control gear, control devices and bus power supplies. DALI organization counts almost 120 international member companies in the luminaire and lamp industries.Euchips is a member of Dali protocol.All products are certified by SGS CE.They all compatible with products of Lutron, Tridonic, Dynalite, Clipsal, LDS, Osram, Philips, ABB, Schneider, Levition, JUNG, Berker, Be Lichtregler etc.
LED dimmer 12v is designed with 12VDC input and output to control DC low voltage LED lights such as LED strip lights. It's a very safe and reliable dimmer compared to AC input dimmers.
The light-emitting diode 12v system consists of a control unit and a dimmer. The control unit sends out the control signal, the dimmer receives the signal and decodes the signal to make the connected LED light dim(0-10V led Dimmer ).
In fact, the control unit can design different types of control signals, such as DMX, 0 to 10 v, and dimmer will be provided by the appropriate built-in rf module, DMX module and 0 to 10 v module design, receive signals from the control unit. The dimmer will receive the signal first and then convert the signal PWM light signal and output signal to LED lights.