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DALI Multi-channels ELV Decoders


DALI Multi-channels ELV Decoders 2018-01-09

We are pleased to announce that Euchips DALI decoders support multi-channels dimming and realize 1~100% dimming effects.

DALI Multi-channels Decoders

Euchips DALI Multi-channels decoders support PWM digital dimming. The color rendering index of LED lamps can’t be changed. The lifetime of LED lamps which work at the related operation can be extended.

PWM digital dimming

With built-in MCU, we have made traditional analog dimming digital. Our DALI decoders support customize linear or logarithmic dimming curve according to your lighting requirement.

customized dimming curve

With no minimum load limited, Euchips’ DALI decoders are available for the different power of LED fixtures.

dali decoder

Euchips DALI Multi-channels ELV Decoders

DALI Multi-channels ELV Decoders