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Euchips 2018 Annual Party


Euchips 2018 Annual Party 2018-02-06

The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is on the way. Let’s embrace the hopeful 2018 and create a brilliant tomorrow. We EUCHIPS wish you and your families a happy New Year and all the best in 2018.

The company leaders, cooperative partners and all staff sat together to celebrate the annual party held on 2, February, 2018 and enjoyed the feast.

1. Check-in


2. General Manager Meng - New Year’s Speech

General manager Meng reviewed the Euchips’ development history, expressed his thanks to the people who supported and helped us in the past, embraced the hopeful of new factory established and wished all cooperative partners and stall happy new year.

General Manager Meng

3. Excellent Staff

The “Excellent Staff” of 2017 were praised at the Annual Party. Their responsible spirit displayed on their daily works. They were hardworking, patience, and creative. Listening to their stories, we learned a lot. Thank you, these lovely people.

Excellent Staff

4. Wonderful Programs

At the annual party, We were a warm and happy family and sat together around the table to enjoy delicious dinner and watched programs produced by ourselves. The whole party was full of laughter and happiness. The singing from different departments triggered applauding. Dances, songs, sketches and games were performed alternately.

Wonderful Programs

Wonderful Programs

Wonderful Programs

5. Lucky Draw

In the meanwhile, with the lucky draw of happiness prizes, third prizes, second prizes, first prizes and special prizes unveiled, the annual dinner reached the climax.

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw

6. The beautiful Photos

Euchips encouraged the stall to accompany with your parents, partners and children in our daily life.

The beautiful Photos

Euchips wish you and your families all the best in 2018!

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