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Euchips Invitation: 12.2 E25 at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


Euchips Invitation: 12.2 E25 at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018-05-29

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Headed by the Light + Building event in Frankfurt, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is Asia’s most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event and a professional industry platform for cultivating new business opportunities from both within and outside the traditional industry realms. Every year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition sets the stage for discovering new industry breakthroughs.

As a frequent exhibitor of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Euchips also will attend this exhibition. We’ll be Booth 12.2E25 waiting for you.

1.DMX Control System

DMX Control System

Euchips DMX Control System

DMX decoders have the frequency switching function which can meet the lighting requirements with flicker-free. The latest DMX master controllers have merged rapidly with modern TCP/IP communication and integrated with the third-party central system.

2.EU-BUS System

EU-BUS System

Euchips EU-BUS Control System

EU-BUS has evolved from RS485 BUS that adopts master-slave structure. The master is the main device and other modules are slave devices. The devices communicate with each other by hands connection of which distance is 1.2km. The master has the programmable function. The software has built-in logical module to realize different lighting requirements. All module can be set technical parameters, programming communicated with EU-BUS. Easy commissioning can realize complicated scenes by Android and iPhone App

3.DALI Double Color-temperature Dimming

DALI Double Color-temperature Dimming

DALI DT8 is a higher output voltage driver, high PF, high-quality chip built-in, dimming smooth and flicker-free. Commonly, double color-temperature LED dimmable driver is assigned 2 address. However, DT8 is assigned only 1 address. It is widely used in retails, offices, schools, hospital, etc.

4.Classical Triac Compatibility

Classical Triac Compatibility

You can see the above dimming effects of Euchips Triac dimmable drivers compatible with different brands(such as Legrand, Philips, OPPLE, ABB, SCHNEIDER, SIMON, PANASONIC, SOBEN, CHAT, SIEMENS, etc. ) of LED dimmers. Euchips’ Triac technology perfectly solves the compatibility problems, such as trailing-edge dimming and leading-edge dimming support, good compatibility, wide dimming range and no lower load requirement, etc.