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Searching for Euchips, Highlights Macau Morpheus


Searching for Euchips, Highlights Macau Morpheus 2018-10-24

As Asia’s most popular entertainment destination, Macau smells like money in the air. Maybe you can’t believe it, China’s most luxurious hotels are almost in Macau which just has 30,000 square meters, smaller than a city in China mainland. However, it has more than 200 hotels, of which five-star hotels, are more luxurious.

Today let’s searching for Euchips, highlights Macau Morpheus.

Macau Morpheus 1

It is well learned that its designer is famous Zaha Hadid, who is not strange for us.

Macau Morpheus 2

Her representative works was the subject of critically-acclaimed exhibitions at New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 2006, London’s Design Museum in 2007, Saint Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum in 2015 and London’s Serpentine Galleries in 2016.

Let’s enjoy its beauty of lighting.

Macau Morpheus 3

Macau Morpheus 4

Macau Morpheus 5

Macau Morpheus 6

Macau Morpheus 7

Macau Morpheus 8

Macau Morpheus 8

Macau Morpheus 9

Macau Morpheus 10

In this project, Euchips15,000pcs Phase-Cut drivers are widely used in its intelligent lighting applications.