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Searching for Euchips, Highlights Hongqi Company


Searching for Euchips, Highlights Hongqi Company 2019-01-08

Hongqi is a Chinese car marque owned by the automaker FAW Car Company. Hongqi, Red Flag, was launched in 1958, making it the oldest Chinese passenger car marque. For years, Hongqi has been a luxury car brand favored by China’s political elites, including former chairmen, yet not so much to the public.

Hongqi 1

Hongqi 2

Hongqi 3

With the long-term review vehicle in major celebrations in China, Hongqi has become a well-known national car brand.

Hongqi 4

Let's enjoy the changes of Hongqi Company.

Hongqi 5

Hongqi 6

Hongqi 7

Hongqi 8

Hongqi 9

It is worth mention that Hongqi Company adopted Euchips’ DALI system: EUKS06, DALI-130, EUG-DALI, etc. for lighting control.

Hongqi 9

It is easier for you to use Euchips’ DALI intelligent lighting system to control brightness, color-temperature, etc. More detais, contact us sales@euchipsonline.com