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LED Dimmable Driver, How to Change and Influence Our Life?


LED Dimmable Driver, How to Change and Influence Our Life? 2019-04-19

Different lighting has a different influence. For example, when you are at work, bright lighting makes you more spiritual. However, when you watch movies at the dimming lighting, you are very involved, very concentrate, because our emotions are carried away by the plots that make us laugh or cry. Or when you at high-end hotels and restaurants, different lighting atmosphere makes customers more comfortable and wonderful at a different time and different space. Nowadays, with the appearance of personalized requirement and the innovation of technology, you can see the dimming functional lamps everywhere. In order to create different dimming effects, the hero is, of course, LED dimmable driver.

Here, let’s interview the Engineer Mr. Wei from Shanghai Euchips and talk about more about LED dimmable driver.

Question 1: As we all know, behind every successful man, there is a woman. So, I want to say that LED dimmable driver plays a significant role and realizes the lighting control and change behind every glaring LED lighting. So what is the working principle of LED dimmable driver?

Euchips’ Mr. Wei: Drivers with dimming capability can dim the LED light output over the full range from 100% to 0%. LED dimmable drivers can dim LEDs by the reduction in the forward current, pulse with modulation (PWM) via digital control, or more sophisticated methods. Compared with the common power supply, LED dimmable driver can enable dimming and color-change or sequencing of LEDs.

Question 2: LED dimmable driver is widely used in stores, bars, hotels, squares, etc. But in our daily life, it is very difficult for us to feel that the colorful lighting is controlled by LED dimmable driver. So what scenarios will be used?

Euchips’ Mr. Wei: LED dimmable driver is widely used, includes indoor and outdoor applications. Nowadays, in order to create the different atmosphere, you can adjust the different color-temperature. For example, you can adjust the warm lighting in Winter and the cool lighting in Summer. In addition, LED dimmable driver meets the basic lighting, to the most extent, it realizes energy-saving.

Question 3: What will the development tendency of LED dimmable driver in future?

Euchips’ Mr. Wei: I think the intelligent lighting will become the biggest development direction. LED dimmable driver complies with it.

Therefore, LED dimmable driver has an incredible development potential. The dimming function must be required, not optional. LED dimmable driver will play a crucial role in the future lighting industry.