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IP67 DALI Ultra-slim Constant Voltage Waterproof Drivers


IP67 DALI Ultra-slim Constant Voltage Waterproof Drivers 2019-08-02

Recently high temperature attacks,

I wonder if you can stand it,

Tell you the truth: life is saved by air conditioners!

Waterproof Drivers

I believe many people are looking forward to the heavy rain.

Come and cool down.

Just like the LED drivers below:

Can make many bubbles in the water.

IP67 Waterproof LED Drivers

However, summer is a season of thunderstorms.

For appliances, Faults and damage caused by thunderstorms also occur frequently.

Luckily, Euchips released new IP67 waterproof drivers to solve this problem very well.

This time, Euchips launched 3 different power of waterproof drivers: 75W, 100W, 150W, supporting DALI/Touch DIM function. The waterproof lever is higher than IP67.

DALI constant voltage Waterproof LED Drivers

1.Ultra-slim Design & Wide Voltage Input

Ultra-slim Design & Wide Voltage Input

2.Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Protection

3. Long lifetime

Long lifetime

4. Certification Standards

Certification Standards

5. Applications