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Where is the Development Direction of LED Dimmable Driver?


Where is the Development Direction of LED Dimmable Driver? 2019-10-12

As the heart of LED lamp, LED dimmable driver plays a crucial role in LED industry. Its development also changes as the requirement of lighting products. Currently, high competitive price and intelligent technology are the largest demands for end customers all around the world, which continuously propel light engine technology and intelligent LED dimmable driver products.

Nowadays, light engine and intelligence have become two main tendencies, especially the intelligent lighting which has been hailed as the cusp in LED lighting. We hope the lighting style more humanization and more energy efficiency to create a new lighting environment. So LED dimmable driver technology should comply with this tendency.

led dimmable driver

Moreover, the large market space of intelligent lighting propels the rapid development of intelligent LED dimmable driver. According to the research survey, from 2013 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate for intelligent lighting market is expected to be as high as 17%. It estimates that the intelligent lighting market will be USD 8 billion, which bring a larger market space for intelligent LED dimmable driver.

In the internet era, customers’ demands, manufacturers’ pain spot and mature technology, intelligence will be the necessary development tendency. From customers’ demands, intelligent products will bring great values. In a word, LED dimmable driver will walk into a mass market.