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Review Euchips’ First Live Broadcast


Review Euchips’ First Live Broadcast 2020-06-20

Last week, Euchips’ first live broadcast met with you. The product manager and sales manager went out together and harvested a gratifying report-the livestream was 6 hours, and the cumulative number of visitors exceeded 15,000.

Euchips’ first live broadcast 1

Euchips’ first live broadcast 2

During the live broadcast, it mainly introduced Euchips, dimming solutions, control systems, new products, product wiring, dimming demonstration, and applications, as well as online interaction Communications.

Euchips’ first live broadcast 3

Euchips’ first live broadcast 4

Euchips’ first live broadcast 5

1. Focus on dimming products with excellent design experience and better technical support from 2005

2. 500+ dimmable products - covering most dimming applications, all dimming applications

3. Best dimming performance - we strive to meet the most discerning lighting designers

4. Each dimming product has a built-in MCU - all products are controlled by internal firmware, programmable to meet your needs, no need to change hardware

5. 500,000 finished product inventory-fast delivery