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Searching for Euchips, Lights up Hangzhou Tsutaya Books


Searching for Euchips, Lights up Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 2020-11-05

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 1

The world-renowned super internet celebrity bookstore—Japan’s "Tsutaya Books" has many labels: A Library in the Woods, the world’s most beautiful bookstore, the daily traffic has exceeded 10,000, or the favorite bookstore of director Takeshi Kitano...

If you say that the most anticipated bookstore to settle in mainland China in 2020, it is the Tsutaya Bookstore with the aura of the world's most beautiful bookstore!

On October 18th, the famous Tsutaya Books in Asia opened in the new commercial complex "Tianmuli" in the west of Hangzhou! Some fashionistas in the mainland have exploded and shouted: now we don't have to fly to Japan, we can spend a whole day at the Tsutaya Bookstore in Hangzhou! Yes, I can't stand it anymore. Today, let's searching for Euchips, Lights up Tsutaya Books which is the first Chinese bookstore of Tsutaya in Hangzhou's Maison Moree.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 2

Continuing the brand's consistent high-looking and stylish taste, the Tianmuli shop of Tsutawu Bookstore focuses on art and incorporates offline experience spaces such as books, coffee, groceries, cultural creation, and audiovisual. The intelligent dimming solution developed by Euchips' partners for it, when you arrive at the Tsutaya Books you can find the answer: clean, translucent, comfortable, and excellent integration with the surrounding environment!

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 3

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 4

The facade of the bookstore uses floor-to-ceiling glass windows with good permeability to illuminate the entire interior by illuminating the glass windows. In order to avoid excessive indoor brightness, light and shadow are reflected on the glass windows, the Euchips' lighting control system cooperates with the dimming equipment to distribute the lights delicately and evenly, ensuring the visual softness and comfortable throughout the day in the store, and creating a comfortable learning environment for every customer visiting the store.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 5

The entrance is the coffee bar. The background of the book wall is several meters high. Through the Euchips' lighting control system and dimming equipment, the ceiling and the wall lighting can be effectively combined to make the space more three-dimensional, making the light softer. Here, the mood will be more pleasant.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 6

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 7

The most popular label for Tsutaya Bookstore is "library like home". Euchips' partner makes the dimming solution for it, from the overall perspective, adopts the warm color lighting that can give the most visual warmth. The most textured log furniture, simple and unique, smart and artistic, let you feel at home in minutes.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 8

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 9

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 10

The Tsutaya Bookstore not only sells books, but also adds a large number of local Japanese products, from small stationery to large installations. When displaying these various products, you need to put shelves on the wall and independent open product display cabinets. Combine with rich lighting to show. Through the Euchips' lighting control system and dimming devices, each area uses point light, line light, and surface light to produce brightness differences in different areas, and the space is very decent and high-quality.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 11

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 12

Hangzhou Tsutaya Bookstore uses Euchips' 0-10V constant current 10W, 15W, 30W, 0-10V constant voltage 150W 24V LED dimmable drivers, programmable controller EUMA0405, programmable control panel EUSK-P6.

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 13

Hangzhou Tsutaya Books 14