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[New] 40W 75W 120W 150W 240W 5-in-1 Drivers


[New] 40W 75W 120W 150W 240W 5-in-1 Drivers 2020-11-13

There are only 48 days left in 2021, Euchips’ engineers also worked hard, new products are released again, 5-in-1 dimmable drivers support DALI / 0/1-10V / PWM / Adjustable Resistance / Touch DIM.

1. Integrate five dimming methods in one

Focusing on 15 years of LED dimming experience, Euchips continues to surpass itself in product development and technology, and actively expands the company's superior products. The 5-in-1 dimmable drivers released this time integrate 5 dimming methods: DALI / 0/1-10V active signal / PWM signal / adjustable resistance / Touch DIM, with multiple powers (40W/75W/120W/ 150W/240W) optional, powerful & wonderful!

5-in-1 dimmable drivers

2. 0.1% depth no flicker dimming

The built-in high-performance MCU chip challenges the power dimming limit and realizes one-thousandth deep dimming. The whole dimming process is smooth and natural, no noise, no flicker, and makes the visual experience of human eyes more comfortable.

0.1% depth no flicker dimming

3. Security upgrade, multiple protections

The LED drivers are upgraded safely, with multiple protections: overload protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection, effectively avoiding damage to equipment components when the circuit fails, extending the service life of the LED drivers and lights, and making the use process safer and more worry-free.

Security upgrade, multiple protections

4. Easy Wiring

The end cover does not need to be disassembled when wiring, which simplifies the operation of installing the end cover, and saves worry and effort!

End cover limit design

5. Slim design

In the world of "look at the face", even the dimming led driver has to rely on appearance to win. The ultra-thin and slim design of Euchips' 5-in-1 dimming LED driver is suitable for installation in various narrow spaces.

Slim design

6. List of simple parameters

Simple parameter list for your reference.

List of simple parameters