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LED Dimmable Drivers for Intelligent Lighting


LED Dimmable Drivers for Intelligent Lighting 2021-03-19

More than 80% of the information we obtain from the outside world is obtained through vision. Therefore, visual health has a greater impact on learning, work, and life, and is closely related to human physical and mental health.

The human eyes need to adjust and adapt to the light of the environment. The process of visual adjustment and adaptation is completed by the enlargement or reduction of the pupil of the eyes and the transition of cone cells and rod cells. We can't feel the flicker of light for a short period of time, but long-term reading and working under a stroboscopic light source will inevitably make the pupil sphincter and retina fatigue, soreness and even damage the optic nerve due to overuse. Stroboscopic can cause eye fatigue, soreness, dizziness and headache, then upset, nervousness, and even tachycardia.

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers

As a LED dimmable drivers and control systems supplier and intelligent lighting solution service provider, Euchips adopts MCU solutions that conform to human visual characteristics and create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment.

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers

Dimming brightness test

There are some dimmable drivers on the market, and when the eyes are ‘still very bright’, the phenomenon of flickering has already appeared. This is the reason for the "instability". So just turn off when "still very bright". But if it can only be adjusted to 30%, then it loses the meaning of dimming.

But using Euchips’ phase-cut driver, the highest 10020lx to the lowest 35lx, the lowest can be adjusted to 0.3%, and there is no visual flicker.

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers

Dimming curve test

The dimming curve is the corresponding relationship between the input voltage and the output illuminance. The smoother the curve, the better the dimming effect.

Currently, most of the lights on the market are linear dimming. Euchips can realize not only linear dimming but also logarithmic dimming. The measured dimming curve is smooth and only climbs from 70% to 80%, but it is almost impossible to detect by visual inspection, and the actual dimming effect is satisfactory.

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers

Dimming compatibility test

The compatibility of thyristors has always been a pain point in the industry:

1. There is noise when dimming

2. There is a minimum load requirement

3. Narrow dimming range

All is not a problem, Euchips can modify the dimming curve according to the characteristics of each brand, and it is better compatible.

Actually tested 14 master controls of different brands (mainstream brands on the market), and there is no minimum load requirement.

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers

Flicker test

Euchips uses a stroboscope to measure the illuminance values of 100%, 50%, and 10%. It can be seen that when the light is not dimmed, the flicker is almost zero. When dimming, the LED driver adopts 2K Hz high-frequency modulation, and the data falls in the unaffected area, which can be called "no flicker".

Isolated LED Dimmable Drivers