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720~1440W 5A*12ch CV DMX Decoder

- Model: PX1205-OLED
- Input Voltage: 12-24V
- Output Power:720~1440W
- Output Current:5A
- Channels: 12

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12-24VDC 5A*12ch DMX512 Decoder & Master PX1205-OLED


Welcome to use PX series DMX512/RDM decoder & driver. PX series adopt the advanced microcomputer control technology and converted the DMX512,RDM/2009 digital signal widely used in international to the PWM control signal. 1~12 channels output for option and each channel able to achieve 256 or 65536 gradations of controlling, and also it can be used as the connector of PC digital light controller and analog light modulator. It is mainly used for the controlling of buildings & lights applied LED.

Product Features

· 12 channels output, the maximum current of 5A /ch for RGB decoder, up to 1440W

· Can be used as stand alone DMX Master controller

· OLED Screen and touch button, more convenient operation

· 27 sence modes built-in, with speed and brightness adjust function

· 3 kinds of optional: DIM, CT, RGB

· 2 kinds of DMX ports: Green teminal, RJ45

· Short-circuit protection,overload protection,over-temperature protection

· Fast self-testing function

· 8 bit / 16 bit resolution optional (master mode support 8 bit only)

· Multiple dimming curve: (0.1~9.9), liner, log

· Meets DMX512/1990,RDM /2009 protocol

· Supported RDM parameters:










Technical Parameters

Model : PX1205-OLED

Input Signal : DMX512 1990/RDM 2009

Input Voltage : 12~24V

Output Voltage : 12~24V

Output Current : 5A*12CH MAX. 60A

Output Power: (0~60W...120W)*5CH MAX. 1440W

Control Mode : DIM/CT/RGB

Dimming Curve : 0.1~9.9/Liner/Log

Grey Level : 8Bit (256 levels) / 16Bit (65536 levels)

Protection : Short-Circuit / Over Load / Over Temperature

Dimension : 164*93*36 mm (L * W * H)

Packing Size : 184* 104*42 mm (L * W * H)

G.W. : 432 g

Operation Temperature : - 20 - 50 ℃

Relative humidity : 20% - 90% RH

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  • PX1205-OLED(201200050201)3.04.001154_SPEC


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