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4G Master Gateway

- Model: EUG-IP
- Memory: 1 piece 256 m DDR 3

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4G Master Gateway EUG-IP

Eug - IP is a network controller with high performance and low energy consumption introduced by Euchips. Built – in 335 x series industrial control boards have added network isolation,can bus isolation and 485 isolation. Integrated with various peripheral interfaces, it can control a variety of Euchips dimming devices through EU-Bus protocol.

Technical Paramters

Plate performance
module Characteristics
CPU TI AM 3352 Processor, ARM Cortex - A8 600 m Main Frequency
Memory 1 piece 256 m DDR 3
Storage 256M NANDFLASH or 8G eMMC
Operaing system Linux

Front panel
Indicator light 1 power lamp,1 user-definedLED
Power Voltage range 9-30V,Recommend24V
2CH RS232 Channel Device node Description
CH1 tty01 UART1
CH2 tty02 UART2
2CH RS485 Channel Device node Description
CH1 tty03 UART1
Add 485 isolated protection
CH2 tty04 UART2
Add 485 isolated protection
2CH RS485 Channel Device node Description
CH1 tty1 Add CAN isolated protection
CH2 tty0

Back panel
Module Charactericstics
Debugging seriel port DEBUG(Device node tty00)
2CH USB Host For normal usd storage and communication
2CH100M Adaptive
mesh port
( IP )
( IP )
TF card interface TF Card start write and storage ( 128G Capacity tested )
WIFI aerial head Wireless Network Card ( Optional)
4G aerial head 4G Module ( Optional )
SIM card slot Used with 4g
GPS module 4g module with GPS function( Optional )

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