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30W 24VDC 1.25A*1ch 120-240VAC CV DALI Driver

- Item: DALI7002-24
- Input voltage: AC120-240V
- Output current: 1.25A*1Channel
- Output Voltage:24VDC
- Output power: 30W
- Size:178*79*34mm

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30W 24VDC 1.25A*1ch 120-240VAC Constant Voltage DALI Driver DALI7002-24

Touch DIM functions instruction

1. Short press the Touch DIM switch (<0.5s) to control the lamp on or off
2. Long press the Touch DIM switch (>0.5s) to dim the brightness of light; The dimming direction will change every time after pressing switch
3. When the light being turned off, long press the Touch DIM switch can turn on the light and adj ust it brightness according to the dimming direction
4. The brightness adjustment range is 1%-100%, and the lighat nc be turned off through short pressing when do the adjustment wi th long pressing Touch DIM switch
5. Power off memory function, the power-down state before will be maintained when power on again

Product installation notes
1. Remark: DALI and TouchDIM functions cannot be used simult aneously, which can be controlled respectively by using DALI controllers or the equipments with TouchDIM function
2. Please read the connecting in struction picture before installation
3. Please use the complete set of product according to the provided specification
4. Please firstly pressure the cap end down in wire connectingp rocess, then insert the thread of wire, and lastly check the wire is or not insert firmly

5. In order to avoid the damage of the equipment, please check the connecting method is correct or not before connecting the power.

Technical Parameter

Product Name 30W 24VDC Constant Voltage DALI Dimmable LED Driver
Item DALI7002-24
Input Voltage Range
90 120 240 VAC
Input Frequency
47 50-60 63 Hz
Input Current@120VAC
260 mA
Power Factor@120VAC
Output Power(1 Channel Pout Total)
0.7 30 30 W
Output Voltage
23 24 24.5 VDC
Output Current 1 1.5 A
Peak Current


Case Temp.

Ambient Temp.
Dimming Control (Dimmer)
IEC62386 IEC60929
Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection,Over Heat Protection

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  • DALI7002-24 EN V1.2(1.02)(1.01)


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