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12-24VDC 10A*1ch CV 0-10V Dimmer

- Item: DIM-S1L10V-2
- Input Voltage: 12-24V
- Output current: 10A/CH
- Minimum brightness level:8 levels
- Support dimmer curve:2 kinds
- Size(mm):167*50*23

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12V 24V 10A 1 Channel Constant Voltage Dimmer DIM-S1L10V-2


1. Support a variety of analog dimming signal
2. Support short circuit, over current protection and alarm function
3. Support minimum brightness up-regulation function
4. Support dimmer curve selection function
5. More than kinds of functions can be selected by switch please take the switch function tables as reference
6. Add fade effect, dimming smoother
7. Add the delay treatment, strengthen the anti-interference
8. Function default setting is: 0-10V, 0V 100% output
9. Log Dimming Curve, Mini brightness no up-regulation

Technical Parameters

Product Name 12V 24V 10A 1 Channel Constant Voltage Dimmer
Item DIM-S1L10V-2
Supply voltage input range(DC)
Output current
Over current protection
When the over current indicator lights up red
Short circuit protection
When short circuit indicator lights up red
Minimum brightness level
8 levels
Support dimmer curve
2 kinds
Support the dimmer signal type
0-10V active dimmer signal;1-10V passive dimmer signal;1-10V active dimmer signal

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