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EU-BUS To DALI Gateway

- Model: EUG-DALI
- Input voltage: Supplied via EU-BUS bus
- Communication protocol: EU-BUS
- The number of DALI equipment: 64
- The number of dry contact: 1

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In the EU-BUS system, the user can control the equipment complying with DALI standard protocol via EUG-DALI gateway. The user can assign(including reassign, extent allocation) the address for DALI equipment, and can set group, scene, the switch-on brightness, the minimum brightness, the maximum brightness, fadetime. In addition, the user can know the state of DALI equipment via PC software or information set in advance.


1. Assign(including reassign, extent allocation) the address for DALI equipment

2. In EU-BUS mode, can update firmware remotely via EU-BUS interface

3. Support EU-BUS function to the DALI command

4. Set parameter for DALI equipment, and, can be used with the DALI sensor, DALI panel

5. Support EU-BUS to DALI command function

6. Supplied via EU-BUS bus, without external power supply

7. The standard 35mm din rail, convenient installation

Technical Parameter



Input voltage

Supplied via EU-BUS bus

Communication protocol


The number of DALI equipment


The number of dry contact


Equipment size

76*93.4*63.2mm(L*W*H),standard 35mm din rail



Operational temperature


Relative humidity


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