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Multi-function sensor

- Model:EUD-01
- Working temperature: -20℃~50℃
- Power supply: Dali Bus Power Supply
- Input signal: Human Sensing, Light Sensing
- Output signal: Standard Dali Signal

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Multi-function sensor

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard, popular light control protocol bus, with digital addressable dimming, stability, dimming mode is diverse, easy to install, compatible with major manufacturers and other characteristics. DALI multi-function sensors are built into human body induction and light induction, and are controlled by advanced computer chips. these induction signals are converted into corresponding DALI commands to control the DALI dimmers on the bus, which makes the DALI system more intelligent. The sensor parameters can be configured by our configuration software through 485 bus, using simple, more intelligent.


1. support single, packet, broadcast control mode, control LED corresponding drive power supplyLED drive power

2. support dali1.0,dali2.0 protocol

3. supports three control modes of light sense, infrared and infrared light sense

4. support constant illumination function, real-time perception of environmental light (such as sunlight), when the external environment light changes, real-time adjustment and control of light brightness, to achieve the overall brightness of the lighting area constant. (such as classroom or office lights) to give users a good lighting experience, while saving energy and environmental protection.

Technical Parameter

Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Power supply Dali Bus Power Supply
Input signal Human Sensing, Light Sensing
Output signal Standard Dali Signal
Communications agreements Standard Dali Protocol
Input Current ≤9 Ma
Equipment size Φ95mm*30mm
Gross weight 130.5g
Relative humidity 20-90% RH
Scope of detection Install 3-5 M Higher, Check 5-8 Meters
Lighting threshold setting range Lx 0-1000

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