350/700mA*3ch 12-48VDC CC DMX Decoder

Short Description:

  • Item No.: PX703
  • Input Voltage: 12-48
  • Output Current: 350/700mA*3CH
  • Output Voltage: 3-42
  • Dim Mode: DMX-512/1990
  • G.W.: 286
  • Size: 196*40*35.5

Product Detail

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350/700mA*3ch 12-48VDC Constant Current DMX Decoder PX703

General Description

Welcome to use PX703 DMX512 decoder. By adopting the advantage microcomputer control technology, PX703 could?transform the standard digital signal into simulation signal. There are 3 channels of signal output, and 256 levels of grayscale for?each channel. It can be connected with the digital dimming panel or simulation silicon box to control high power LED lamps.


01. Meet DMX512(1990) Standard
02. Dimming control of 256 levels of grayscale and full color driver
03. 3 channels of constant current output (350mA/700mA)
04. Various and colorful effect can be achieved by working with control system
05. With verious self-changing modes,speed and brightness changing.
06. With color choosing fuction, it can control various lamps consist of RGB three colors.
07. Mode, suspend power memory function
08. Over-temperature protection, output short circuit protection
09. Setting the lights DMX address freely
10. Easy to connect with LED Lights
11. Can be customerized

Technical Parameter

Product Name 3 channels LED Constant Current DMX Decoder
Item PX703
Channels 3
Signal input DMX-512/1990
Signal output 350mA/700mA±5%/CH
Power supply DC12-48V
Working tempeture 0~85⊥
Size 196(mm)*40(mm)*35.5(mm)
Weight 286g

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