DALI Analog Signal Amplifier DALI-A02

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  • Item No.: DALI-A02

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DALI Analog Signal Amplifier DALI-A02

Product features

1. For amplification of Dali signal drive capability.

2. Signal can be amplified to 4 levels multiple times

3. Adopt high-quality amplifying devices, with output signal capacity up to 300M

4. It is mainly used in situations where the output drive capacity of the main controller is insufficient

Technical Parameters

Model DALI-A02
Output Accuracy Channels 1
Voltage 9.5-22.5VDC
Input Voltage 220-240VAC
Signal DALI signal
Others Dimension 168*39.4*30 mm (L*W*H)
Packing Size 470*200*220 mm(L*W*H),50pcs/6.0kg/Carton
G.W. 90g
Working temp. -20 ℃ ~40 ℃
Relative humidity 20~90% RH

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