Subway Lighting is so Important, How to Choose LED Dimming Drivers?


There are thousands of roads to work, but the subway is the first to commute.


The subway, as the pulse of urban life, carries the prosperity and vitality of the city, which not only greatly improves the happiness of citizens, but also further enhances the international image and competitiveness of the city. As an underground space, the subway station is never exposed to natural light all day, so most of the light sources in the subway depend on lighting. And a comfortable and warm lighting environment is indispensable for a good subway travel experience. Here, the LED dimming driver plays a very vital role in ‘lighting’.



1. Safety First

Compared with the general application scenarios, subway lighting is very different. The environment in the subway is complex and the natural conditions are very poor. Therefore, when choosing an LED dimmable driver, you must first consider its safety performance, including the electrical safety of the product, overcurrent Voltage protection, lightning protection, etc.


Euchips Intelligent Dimming: 

  • With comprehensive protections and a waterproof rating of up to IP67, it can continue to operate stably even under harsh environmental conditions, such as heavy rain, typhoons, etc., ensuring the safety of subway lighting.
  • Combined with the safety monitoring system of the subway, the operation status of the lighting system is monitored in real-time, and potential safety hazards are found and dealt with on time.


2. Energy-saving & Environmental Protection

There are a large number of lighting facilities in the subway. If the energy consumption of each lamp can be reduced, the energy-saving effect of the entire subway system will be very significant. In addition, lamps often need to operate in a long-term and high-intensity working environment, which undoubtedly increases the load of the lamps and shortens their lifespan.


Euchips Intelligent Dimming:

  • Precisely control the brightness of the lights according to the actual needs to avoid unnecessary energy waste. For example, in some areas of the subway, such as waiting areas, corridors, etc., the brightness of the lights can be adjusted in real-time according to the passenger flow, which not only ensures the comfort of passengers, but also reduces energy consumption.
  • Through intelligent dimming, the lights can be avoided from running under high load for a long time, thereby prolonging the service life of the lights.
  • Reduce the frequency of light replacement, reduce maintenance costs, and save money for subway operations.

3. Mood Lighting
The subway, being the backbone of urban transportation, has seen its lighting design evolve beyond the cardinal lighting. While ensuring adequate lighting for basic needs, the thoughtful addition of ambient lighting not only offers passengers a comfortable riding experience but also emphasizes the artistic and cultural aspects of each station, fostering stronger engagement with the community.


Euchips Intelligent Dimming:

  • Simulate the changes in natural light to provide passengers with a more comfortable and softer lighting environment.
  • During the morning and evening peak hours, by increasing the brightness of lights, a brighter riding environment is created for passengers and the travel experience of passengers is improved.
  • Achieve a perfect combination of innovation and design by carrying out clever lighting adjustments based on the characteristics and cultural implications of each station. This integration of lighting and station design showcases the unique charm of each station, creating a harmonious and engaging environment for passengers.

4. Intelligent Management
The subway is not just a simple means of transportation, but also a vast transportation network. Traditional subway lighting systems require operators to be physically on-site for operation and maintenance, which not only increases operational costs but also risks affecting the normal operation of the lighting system due to insufficient personnel.


Euchips Intelligent Dimming

  • Through the intelligent management system, the remote monitoring and control of the subway lighting system can be realized, which is convenient for the operation personnel to manage and maintain.
  • The intelligent dimming system can also be linked with other intelligent systems of the subway, achieving more efficient and convenient operation and management.

Euchips Engineering Project-Hangzhou Metro Line 10 - Won DALI Alliance Highly Commended Award


Hangzhou Metro Line 10 is a significant livelihood project in Hangzhou City and an essential supporting infrastructure for the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is of great significance in optimizing the layout of Hangzhou’s rail transit and promoting the green development of the city. Hangzhou Metro Line 10 uses more than 30,000 Euchips DALI waterproof dimming drivers to control the lighting brightness according to passenger flow conditions, which not only provides passengers with a safe and comfortable lighting environment, but also frees up manpower and reduces energy consumption through intelligent management, and truly achieves green and healthy lighting. This project won the Highly Commendable Award in the Lighting Infrastructure Category from the DALI Alliance in 2022,a glorious moment on the international stage!


Post time: Mar-05-2024