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400W 24VDC Non-dimmable CV Driver LM400-1H24V-A

Short Description:

  • Item No.: LM400-1H24V-A
  • Output Power: 400W

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400W 24VDC Non-dimmable CV Driver LM400-1H24V-A

The circuit of this product is simple, stable and reliable. Long aluminum structure, ordinary constant voltage simple terminal input and output Simple installation, can be used in commercial, home, engineering and other projects.


· Aluminium Casing
· Ultra-low start up temp. (-20℃)
· Ultra-light and easy to install
· High efficiency up to 90%
· High reliability
· Small size, light weight

Technical Parameters






Efficiency ≥90%@230VAC
Frequency Range(Hz) 50/60Hz
Voltage 220-240VAC
PF ≥0.4@230VAC
Current 4.5Amax@230Vac
Inrush current Cold start100A@230VAC 1ms
Standby power ≤1W
No load power ≤1W
Turn on delay Time ≤ 0.75 s, at230Vac (When the light begins to shine)


Power 400W
Output Voitage 24VDC
Current 0~16.7A
Frequency 65K
Channel 1
No load output voltage 24.5VDC max


Over load Reduce voltage protection to troubleshoot normal output
Short circuit Short circuit No output, troubleshooting output normal
Over Current Reduce voltage protection to troubleshoot normal output
Over temperature Reduce voltage protection to troubleshoot normal output
 Safety& EMC Surge L-N 1000VAC, LN- Ground cable 2000VAC
Withstand Voltage Input pair Output 1500Vac/1min/<5mA Input ground (housing) 1500Vac/1min/<5mA Output ground (housing) 500Vac/1min/<5mA
Safety standards IEC/EN62384, IEC/EN61347-1, IEC/EN61347-2-13, GB19510.1, GB19510.14
Insulation Resisance 5MΩ




Storage Temp., Humidity -40℃~85℃, 20-90%RH℃
Working temp. ta:-20-45
Tc 85℃ @230Vac
IP IP20, ℃
Lifetime 30 000h@tc:50
Warranty 3 year
Switch cycle 15,000 times
Packing size Net weight:—g±5%/PCS; 50 PCS/Carton; — kg±5%/Carton; Carton Size: 414*294*200mm(L*W*H)
Dimension 220*59*31mm(L*W*H)

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