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100W 24V Non-dimmable CV Driver DLRS100-1K24V

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  • Item No.: DLRS100-1K24V
  • Output Power: 100W

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100W 24V Non-dimmable CV Driver DLRS100-1K24V

DLRS100-1K24V is a 100W single output metal chassis power supply. This series of power supplies have the characteristics of universal universal input voltage range, AC / DC dual-use, high cost performance, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, and safe isolation. The product is safe and reliable, and has good EMC performance, providing a cost-effective solution for various industrial power supplies.


· Full range AC input, AC / DC dual-use(85-264VAC/120-373VDC)
· Support 300vac surge input for 5 seconds
· Low power consumption, high efficient
· Small size, ultra low height 30mm
· Working temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃
· Short circuit/ Over current/ over voltage protections
· Meet IEC/EN/UL62368、EN60335、GB4943 certification standards
· Meet 5000m altitude applications
· Low ripple noise, low power consumption, and high efficiency
· Over voltage level Ⅲ

Technical Parameters

Model DLRS100-1K24V
Input Efficiency 90%@230VAC, Full load
Voltage VAC:85-264V VDC:120-373V
Voltage Frequency 47/63Hz
Current(max) 1.9Amax@115VAC 1.2Amax@230VAC
Surge Current (max) Cold start,50A@230VAC
Leakage current 0.75mA@240VAC





Current / Voltage / Power 4.5A/12VDC/108W
Output Voltage Range 21.6~28.8V
normal temperature Capacitive Load(max) 2200
R & N (Max) 150mVp-p
Channel 1
Current Tolerance 0-100% Load ±1%
Line regulation rated load ±0.5%
Load regulation 0-100% Load ±0.5%
Temperature drift coefficient ±0.03%
Standby power 0.3W
Start-up delay 500ms max, at115Vac 500ms max, at230Vac
Rise time 30ms max, at115Vac 30ms max, at230Vac
Hot Swap Not support
Protection Short Circuit Close output,recovers automatically after fault removed
Over current 110~160%Io,recovers automatically
Over Voltage 28.8V ~ 34V protection voltage range, shut down the output voltage during protection,

and restart after the remaining power in the power supply is discharged.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Conducted Emission CISPR32 EN55032 CLASS B
Radiated Emission CISPR32 EN55032 CLASS B
Harmonic Current IEC/EN61000-3-2 CLASS A


Electrostatic Discharge IEC/EN61000-4-2 Contact ±6Kv/Air ±8KV Perf.Criteria A
Radiate Susceptibility IEC/EN61000-4-3 10V/m Perf.Criteria A
Pulse group immunity IEC/EN61000-4-4 ±2KV Perf.Criteria A
Surge immunity IEC/EN61000-4-5 Line to line ±2KV/line to ground ±4kV Perf.Criteria A
Conduction immunity IEC/EN61000-4-6 10 Vr.m.s Perf.Criteria A
Voltage drops, sags and short interruption Immunity IEC/EN61000-4-11 0%,70% Perf.Criteria B
Safety testing Isolation voltage(1minute,Leakage current<10mA) Input-Output>3000VAC,Input-Earth>2000VAC,Output-Earth>1250VAC
SIR(500VDC/25℃/70%RH) Input-Output,Input-Earth,Output-Earth>100M  Ohms.



Working Temp. -30 ~+70℃
Storage Temp.; Humidity 10~95%RH, No condensation environment, -40~+85℃
Safety standards IEC/EN/UL62368/EN60335/GB4943
Material Metal
IP Rating IP20
MTBF >400K hrs. MIL-HDBK-217(25℃ )
Switching frequency 65K Hz
Pack Information Net weight:300g±5%/PCS; 40PCS/Carton; 13kg±5%/Carton;

Carton Size: 408*274*179mm(L*W*H)

Dimension 129*97*30mm

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