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12-20VDC 2mA DALI group-scene controller DALI-GSC-4

Short Description:

  • Item No.: DALI-GSC-4
  • Input Voltage: 12-20VAC
  • Output Current: 2mA
  • Dim Mode: DALI

Product Detail

Product Tags

12-20VDC 2mA DALI group-scene controller DALI-GSC-4


1. Designed to comply with IEC60929/62386

2. Choose group or scene mode via DIP switch

3. Can individually control max.4 groups or scenes

4. Can dim up/down, on/off of any group on the panelㄗOnly for group modeㄘ

5. Can choose different scenesㄗOnly for scene modeㄘ

6. Power supply via DALI bus

Technical Parameter

Product Name 12-24VDC 2mA DALI group-scene controller
Model DALI-GSC-4
Power supply Via DALI signal line
Input 12-20VDC
Signal current 2mA
Output Dimming/Off/On for 4 groups individually (For group control) Switch sceneㄗFor scene controlㄘ
Dimension 44*46*14mm
Temperature 0~60⊥

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