48VDC CV Power Amplifier RP416(48V)

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  • Item No.: RP416(48V)

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48VDC Constant Voltage Power AmplifierRP416


1. Applied to power repeat of synchronous changing signal;

2. 4 channels RGB control,the max current of each channel up to 5A;

3. Accepts PWM control

4. Be used to kinds of LED modules

5. Theoretically we can connect limitless LED modules by connecting the repeaters in series.

Product Specification


Item RP416 (48V)
Input Powerspan DC 48V
Input/output channels 4
Output power 960W
Short circuit protection Short circuit without output, Rectify the fault and power on the device again
Size 168(L)X51(W)X22(H) mm
Weight 120g

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