Network Timeclock EUCT01

Short Description:

  • Item No.: EUCT01
  • Input Voltage: 12
  • Output Current: -
  • Output Voltage: -
  • Output Power: -
  • Dim Mode: EU-BUS
  • G.W.: 250
  • Size: 76*93.4*63.2

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Network Timeclock EUCT01


In the EU-BUS system, the timeclock interfaces with other devices over the EU-BUS network to automate tasks and trigger time-based events. It may be used as an energy management controller or simply to select scenes at preset times of the day or week. The timeclock is powerful enough to provide full automation of a large commercial project and can be programmed with events that automatically run at a specified time. If required, it can achieve preset scene trigger though matching with EUK06 and reset switch panel until the next timed event occurs.



1. Comply with EU-BUS protocol developed by EUCHIPS

2. OLED display , the user can operate more conveniently

3. In EU-BUS mode, the user can update firmware remotely via EU-BUS interface

4. Can save up to 64 events

5. Can define the trigger time and task for all event conveniently and flexibly

6. Real time clock with standby battery

7. Supplied via EU-BUS bus, without external power supply

8. The standard 35mm din rail, convenient installation



Technical Parameters


Item Parameters
Input voltage 12VDC,supplied via EU-BUS bus
Input control signal EU-BUS
Maximum number of events 64
Default event number 16
Dimension 76*93.4*63.2mm(L*W*H)
G.W. 250g
Operational temperature -20-50℃
Relative humidity 20-90%RH



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