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12-24VDC 8A*4ch DMX512/RDM RGBW Decoder PX0408

Short Description:

  • Item No.: PX0408
  • Output Current: 8A*4ch
  • G.W.: 240g
  • Size: 140*50*26mm

Product Detail

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12-24VDC 8A*4ch DMX512/RDM RGBW Decoder PX0408

Welcome to the PX series DMX512/ RDM decoding drive. The PX series adopts advanced microcomputer control technology, and converts the widely adopted DMX-512/1990 and RDM/2009 standard digital control signals into analog control signals. 1-4 output channels can be selected, and 256-level control levels can be implemented for each channel. The invention can be used for the connection of the computer digital output light-adjusting table and the analog silicon box, and the use occa sions of the control of the LED lamp for the building and the lamp decoration.

1. The product has 4 channels output. The maximum 8A current per channel and the total power up to 768W.
2. Set the address with the dial switch, and the operation is simple and quick.
3. Euro terminal blocks and RJ45 two DMX interfaces are provided to improve signal transmission efficiency and anti-interference capability.
4. With the RDM remote management protocol, the RDM master can browse and set the parameters, the DMX address modification, the device identifica-
tion and other operations through the RDM master control.
5. It has the functions of short-circuit, over-temperature, overload automatic protection and recovery.
6. Fast self-test function.


·Meets DMX512/1990,RDM /2009 protocol
·Supported RDM parameters:
In DMX mode set the DMX address manually by switch; in RDM
mode, the host computer address allocation

Technical Parameter

Product model:  PX0408
Input signal: DMX512/ RDM
DMX interface: RJ45, green terminal
Input voltage: 12-24VDC
Output: 8A *4CH.
Output power: 384W (12V)MAX / 768W (24V)MAX
Working temperature: -20~50℃
product size:140*50*26mm(L*W*H)
packing measurement:145*56*32mm(L*W*H)
Weight (net weight):240g

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