DALI Master Controller DALI-200

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  • Item No.: DALI-200
  • Size: 108mm*72.5mm*23.5mm

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DALI Master Controller DALI-200


1. Meet DALI Protocol IEC62386

2. Automatically check equipments accessible to master

3. Automatically allocate short addresses according to DALI Protocol

4. Support re-addressing of all equipments

5. Support operations of broadcast, single or group addresses controlling on equipments

6. Able to set or read all the parameters in the parameter chart of DALI Protocol

7. Able to set or read by groups and scenes

8. Reserve debug command of DALI Protocol

Technical Parameters

Model DALI-200
Supply via DALI cable and USB interface
Current draw 2 mA from DALI
Input 1USB
Output signal DALI Signal
DALI protocol IEC62386/IEC60929
Size 108mm*72.5mm*23.5mm
Type of protection IP20
N.W. 200g
Working temperature 0℃ – 50℃

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