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12-24VDC DMX to SPI Decoder PX24601

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  • Item No.: PX24601

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12-24VDC DMX to SPI Decoder PX24601

DMX-SPI signal decoder converts DMX512 into SPI(TTL) digital signal, which can control most of the signals
in the market.LED pixel lamps, DMX digital control console can control each channel of LED lamps to achieve
0-100% dimming or edit various change effects.

PX24601 decoder is equipped with humanized display screen design, which can easily select and control IC
type and RGB sequence of lamps. With 11 change modes, it can also be used as a simple SPI controller.

Technical Parameters

Model PX24601
Working Voltage 12-24VDC
consumed power <1W
Input signal DMX512
output signal SPI
Self test mode 11
Control quantity 170 Pixel point
Working temperature -20℃~50
Product size (mm) 167*51*24.5
Gross weight (g) 105

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